English Menu

First Course
Traditional Baked Kibbee
Traditional oven baked cracked wheat and minced lamb pie
Beef Carpaccio
Thin slice of veal fillet served with cold pressed olive oil and orange flavored Balsami
Eggplant and goat cheese Terrine
Home made very mildly spiced
Seafood Empanada
Grilled Shrimps in marinade
Deep Fried Calamari
New-Zealand Green Shell Mussels
In garlic, herb and butter sauce
Oven baked Cheese filled mushrooms
With our special five cheese filling
A basket of mushrooms stir fried with Marsala, sprouts and cherry tomatoes
Southern French style Fish soup
Soup of the day
Fresh & Green
A classic Eastern Mediterranean salad with cracked wheat and parsley
Fattoush – Lebanese bread salad
Freshly cut vegetables seasoned with mint leaves and oven dried pitta bread
The Golden Coral Salad
Arugula Salad ( Jarjeer )
Fresh rocket leaves with purple onions and fresh vegetables
Rich salad bar, (Per Person)
Light & Tasty
Home made Waraq Dawali
Our special green wheat stuffed vine leaves prepared according to our ancient family recipe.
Italian Style Grille Eggplant
Served with a duet of red and green Tahini sauce.
Mediterranean Maza
Humos,Tahina,Baba Ghanosh
Main Dishes
Breast of chicken filled with Duxelles served with mustard sauce
Grilled young chicken with fresh herbs
Our home made veal and lamb kebab.
According to our traditional family recipe
Lamb Osso Buco
Cooked in red wine and own sauce
Lamb Chops
Mildly seasoned and delicious
Tenderized veal Escalopes
Served with Marsala or cream mushroom sauce
Grilled Entrecote Steak
Served with red wine or cream pepper sauce
Fillet of veal
Served with red wine or cream pepper sauce
Fish & Sea-Food
Oven baked steak of Salmon
Served with light anise flavored cream sauce
Oven Baked Bream Fillet
Served with olive oil, herbs and pesto sauce
Fillet of Bass filled with mousse Salmon
Deep fried fish of your choice (100gr)
Pan fried shrimps
Served with Arrabbiata sauce. Optional: Garlic or mustard sauce
Fried shrimps with sesame
Calamari stuffed greek style
Sea-Food Pasta
Four Season Ravioli
Home made Knaffeh
With a sweet pressed cheese filling and rosewater sauce
Dark chocolate Tartoffo Golden Coral style
Hot chocolate cake served with vanilla ice-cream
Crème Brulee
Liali Beirut